The old gods have risen.
Mankind is doomed.
You are chosen to fight for their amusement...
...On the crumbling ground of your own mind.

Void Warrior is a fast paced arcade hack 'n' slay game, inspired by H. P. Lovecraft. It has no conventional health bar. Instead the floor – presenting the mental health – can be destroyed or built up. Do not fall down into the abyss.

Downloads:   Windows   Linux   Mac

Siren's Song

You wake up in a cabin of a ship. All passengers seem to have left. An odd slurping sound is heard somewhere in the maze of dark corridors. There is only you, a lamp running out of oil and ... it!

Siren's Song is a horror game featuring randomly generated levels and a highly immersive soundscape. Unfortunately, we never finished it.


This is my first official game. After participating in the Global Game Jam, I could not resist to create one more game and improve my way of game conception. This definitely worked out.
Tower Jumper was created within only four days. There is still a lot room for improvements, but I decided to keep the game the way it is.

You take control of a spiked ball with the aim to reach the top of the tower it is locked in.

Honestly, this tower has no top. Find your way to reach higher levels and increase your score.
To achieve this, you have to jump off objects inside the tower. Bouncing off the upside of black boxes gives a score bonus.
Supported input devices: keyboard, joypad (I recommend an Xbox360 ® Controller)

source code